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Risher Mortuary and Cremation Service Gives Back

Risher Mortuary and Cremation Service create a unique scholarship idea; award $10,000 to local high schools.

Barbara Risher Welch, owner of Risher Mortuary and her husband Greg, have come up with an interesting concept for a scholarship program. It is called the Risher Mortuary and Cremation Service, “Caring For Other’s” Scholarship. It is based simply on the participants explaining how they are going to use their college education to “care for others”. A simple concept indeed, yet one that is sorely missing in today’s society.

“My mom and dad, Ray and Marge Risher, began our mortuary in 1959. We have been family owned ever since. I grew up watching them truly care for our community, family by family. The loss of a loved one is clearly, the most difficult time of life. It impacted me so significantly, that Greg and I developed an idea to give back to the very communities that have placed their confidence in us to for so many years.”

Barbara went on to explain that the concept is very simple. “First of all it doesn’t matter what their GPA is nor what field of study they pursue. We award $500 to the each winner and we only ask for a 1-2 page essay describing how they are going to use their education to “Care for Other’s”. There is such a strong, intrinsic value in servitude, that we want to encourage our young people to embrace each opportunity. Mahatma Ghandi said, “In order to truly find yourself, you must lose yourself in the service of others”.

Greg continues, “People from all walks of life have the ability to serve others at some point and in some way. Whether the educational journey of these terrific young people is through a four year university, community college or trade school, focusing on caring for others will definitely make the world a better place. In one of his most famous sermons, Dr. Martin Luther King said in part, “You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics, to serve. All you need is a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love”.

Greg added, “Barb and I consider our funeral business as a ministry to the bereaved. We are truly blessed by the heartfelt words these kids use to express their desire to serve, that we can’t help but feel their future, and ours, is headed in the right direction.”