How to Begin Making Final Arrangements Like a Funeral and Cremation in Montebello, CA

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When someone we love dies, it can be a shock, even if the death was anticipated. Knowing what to do next can be helpful as you navigate the death care planning process with needed service options like a funeral and cremation in Montebello, CA. Finding a quality provider that offers a range of service solutions can help to simplify the process while still creating space for customization as needed. Choosing this provider will be one of your first vital tasks.

Even before that, though, if a death occurred at home and was not expected, you’ll call emergency personnel to come and assess the situation. The legal aspects of your position will be put in order before the deceased body can be transported to the funeral home facilities. The medical examiner will work as quickly as possible to facilitate this release promptly. Your funeral director will oversee the transfer of the corpse in a professional and caring manner. An arrangement conference will be scheduled as soon as it works for you and other close relations to meet and make the necessary decisions around death care.

Montebello, CA funeral home and cremations

Funeral and Cremation in Montebello, CA: A Variety of Customized Service Options

There is no exact way that final arrangements should look from family to family. The arrangements are designed to take care of the decedent’s body and support those mourning the loss with space to say goodbye. Experts agree that some type of honoring ceremony can be quite helpful to the bereaved loved ones in commencing a healthy start to the grieving journey. Balancing these considerations with any final instructions or known wishes of the decedent can assist in designing supportive experiences.

Honoring with Burial

  • Funerary Services: A fitting funeral service can be planned with attention to detail and multiple related events to create a complete funeral experience. Alternatively, things could be kept relatively simple and straightforward. Full funerals may include several possible meetings, including a viewing or visitation (sometimes called a funeral wake), the actual funeral service, the interment or committal service, and the possibility of a reception afterward.
  • Memorials After Burial: Sometimes, burial needs to happen sooner than later. If the body needs to be cared for in this way sooner than later and you’d still like to have an honoring ceremony, a memorial may be better than a funeral service. Memorials can significantly extend the available planning time and accommodate complex travel schedules that might need more notice when an unexpected death occurs. Conversely, the memorial could be offered right away as well.
  • Streamline with an Intimate Graveside Service: Another excellent solution for a commemorative service is at the graveside. This can be in tandem with the interment or committal service. This service is especially suited to smaller groups and intimate gatherings for a profoundly personal goodbye you may not open to the public. Your funerary experts can help you navigate this meaningful solution in the least overwhelming ways. 

Remembering the Deceased When Choosing Cremation Service for Body Disposition

Transforming the deceased body into a concentrated form is achieved through the process of cremation, which mainly involves reducing the body to dry bone matter through a thorough procedure. This process is carried out in a legal, dignified, and secure manner, ensuring respect for the deceased.

  • Connecting a Cremation and Funeral Service: It can work wonderfully to blend the services of a funeral and cremation in Montebello, CA. In this service package, you plan and complete the funeral events as desired and then prepare the body for final disposition through a secure and respectful cremation procedure.
  • Meaningful Memorial Services Offer Flexibility: Memorial services without the intact remains present can be offered soon after death or much later—even many weeks or months in the future. If desired, the cremated ashes could be relevant and present for this style of service.
  • Simple Cremation: If no honoring ceremony is planned, you can have the remains cared for with cremation. This can significantly relieve the stress of making immediate plans while still taking care of the time-sensitive needs associated with a deceased body that begins to decay as soon as it expires.
  • Choosing the Final Resting Place for a Cremated Body: One great benefit to cremation as the means of body disposition is that it can create multiple avenues for the final placement of remains beyond casket burial options. Ash scattering in nature--at sea, in a beloved outdoor setting, or a sacred cremation garden-- could be a beautiful option. Burial at a cemetery or memorial park also works well for cremated bodies. Finally, many families are reluctant to part with the ashes—and they can safely and respectfully house cremated remains in a display at home in a secure urn. 

Choose a Committed and Knowledgeable Team of Professionals to Navigate the Process

As you work with committed and compassionate funerary professionals like the teams at Risher Mortuary & Cremation Service, you’ll find a wealth of helpful resources and guidance as you select needed services related to funeral and cremation in Montebello, CA. Please reach out for support with upcoming, future, or immediate death care needs. Call us at (323) 728-1261  if you need immediate assistance.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  • Can I Plan My Own Funeral Service in Advance?

    Yes, you can plan your own funeral service in advance. This can help ensure that your wishes are carried out and can alleviate the burden on your loved ones during a difficult time. Many funeral homes offer pre-planning services to assist with this process.

  • Can I Have a Funeral Service for Someone Who was not Religious?

    Yes, you can have a funeral Service for someone who was not religious. The service can be customized to reflect the beliefs and values of the deceased and their family. Non-religious funeral services may include secular music, readings, and eulogies.

  • What is a Graveside Service?

    A graveside service is a type of funeral service that is held at the burial site. The service typically includes a brief ceremony or prayer before the casket or urn is lowered into the ground. Graveside services are often more informal than traditional funeral services and may be preferred by those who wish for a simpler or more intimate service.