How to Begin Making Feasible Plans for a Funeral and Cremation in El Monte, CA

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Facing the circumstances of losing a loved one is challenging. In addition to the emotionally taxing experience of loss, the closest surviving relations are often heavily involved in planning final arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in El Monte, CA. One of the best ways to ease this stressful time is to partner with a competent and caring full-service funeral home. This type of establishment can help you with many kinds of death care, including the opportunity to personalize the services in unique ways to meaningfully honor your deceased.

Suppose your loved one passes away under the supervision and care of medical professionals. In that case, they will take care of pronouncing the death and taking the legal steps needed to release the body to your chosen funeral home. However, if the death occurs at home and is unexpected, you must first call emergency services to have the medical examiner report on the scene. After that step, you can contact your chosen funeral provider to help you with death care needs and have the body transferred to the morgue.

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Selecting the Services That You Want Related to a Funeral and Cremation in El Monte, CA

Fortunately, there are many good options and ways to adapt final services to meet your family's specific needs. There are comprehensive and simple service packages available for both a funeral and cremation in El Monte, CA. It is essential to be thoughtful in your choice since there aren't any great options to redo final arrangements after the fact. These arrangements can support healthy processing and healing experiences. It can be helpful to find a blend of solutions to meet the needs of the mourning family and any final instructions from the deceased. 

Traditional Burial Option and Honoring Possibilities

  • Funeral Service: A funeral package may include multiple related events to create a well-rounded and cathartic space for a meaningful goodbye. It might consist of a visitation with the family before the service. The body could be prepared and presented for viewing as part of the funerary events. The honoring ceremony will highlight the life and legacy of the deceased. Afterward, the body will be interred at the chosen burial site.
  • Memorial Service After Burial: in some cases, it works best to have the body laid to rest right away, even before honoring ceremonies or services can be completed. A memorial service works well when the body is not present for the services. If you need a more immediate burial, your family and friends can still meet and remember the decedent's life and importance. Additionally, memorials can be scheduled later since the pressing need to care for the remains will have been met.
  • Graveside Service: You could have the entirety of the funerary service at the graveside as part of the interment or committal service. This option often works well for those seeking a simple service with a more intimate crowd size. However, this service is adaptable to larger groups in many cases, so work with your funeral director to make any necessary accommodations. 

Cremation Service and Final Placement Solutions

Even if you choose to have your loved one cremated, you can still hold a meaningful ceremony in their honor. Cremation by fire transforms the body into a few pounds of ashes and dry bones. During an individual cremation process, all the softer tissues are vaporized within a closed chamber. 

  • Preceded by Funeral Service: If your family would benefit from having a funerary service in the presence of your deceased family member's body, but the decedent wanted to be cremated, both options can occur. Families can have a complete funeral package if desired and then have the remains cremated and returned for final disposition placement.
  • Followed by Memorial Service: Cremation can occur immediately (with permits in hand), followed by a memorial service. This might be scheduled soon or even many months afterward. The ashes could be part of this type of event if desired.
  • Direct Cremation: Of course, there is the option of no formal service attached to the body disposition process of cremation. There are times this solution works best for specific circumstances.
  • Placement Solutions: Cremated bodies can be honored with final placement ceremonies such as an ash scattering ceremony where the ashes can be taken to the sea or scattered in a meaningful natural setting. It also works well to bury the inurned ashes in a cemetery or burial park. Finally, many families keep the cremated remains nearby in a decorative urn at home. 

Support Yourself and Your Family with Comprehensive Care by Industry Experts

The caring team of experts at Risher Mortuary & Cremation Service is dependable and compassionate. You and your family will be guided through these difficult conversations with clarity and grace as you find solutions for a meaningful and healing funeral and cremation in El Monte, CA. Let us help you by calling (323) 728-1261.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  • Can I Have a Funeral Service for Someone Who was Cremated?

    Yes, you can have a funeral service for someone who was cremated. The service can be held before or after the cremation and can be similar in format to a traditional funeral service. Cremated remains may be placed in an urn or other container and displayed during the service.

  • How Long Does a Funeral Service Typically Last?

    The length of a funeral service can vary depending on several factors, including the type of service and the customs and traditions of the family and community. A typical funeral service can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

  • How Do I Notify Others about the Funeral Service?

    Funeral homes can often assist with notifying family and friends about the funeral service when a death occurs. You can also choose to publish an obituary in a local newspaper or online publication. Social media can also be a useful tool for notifying others about the service.